Inventory Submission

The frame data submission cycle

Every three months, Route takes a snapshot of Outsmart’s IMS. This database holds all of the information about available advertising frames: where they are, what direction they face in, their size, illumination, whether they are digital, etc.

Following this upload, the cycle begins again. The IMS is continually available for site classification. Every month, the FAS accepts new XML files with information about your new or updated sites.

At the same time, you may need to remove frames from the feed – when they have been removed from the ground, or if there is a change to their nature which would alter the audience calculations (if they have become screens, for example).

To allow you to control what sites are removed from the Route data set, the system accepts an XML containing this information every quarter.

For detailed instructions on how to submit and alter frame data in the IMS, please contact Outsmart.