New Route data – digital shines, posters hold strong but large formats are disappearing

New data released by Route, show the continued growth of digital screens. They also further underpin the position of posters as the leading medium in offering advertisers ubiquitous reach. However, there is some evidence that the availability of large format posters being on the wane. Fuelled by continued investment, the number of digital screens measured […]

Digital out-of-home delivering audiences from Dingwall to Doncaster

Before a ball has even been kicked in anger, the first giant-killing of the season is in. The Scottish Premier League takes the title of the most likely to see digital out-of-home ads. In a recent open letter to the outdoor industry, ISBA Media Leaders expressed concern at the distribution of digital screens. The worry […]

Out of home advertising audiences buoyed by growth of digital screens

Driven by significant growth from digital out of home screens, new audience data released by Route paints the picture of an industry in rude health. 98% of the adult population in Great Britain will see an out of home advert, whether a poster or a screen, each week. At the forefront of the strong industry […]

Digital Out Of Home – 1bn Impacts Each Week

Digital out of home (DOOH) now offers more opportunities for advertisers to reach audiences than ever before, thanks to continued investment into digital screens. New data from Route demonstrates that digital screens generate 36% more impacts than they did 12 months ago. This means that over 1 billion impacts are now seen through digital out […]

Route increases accuracy with a new traffic intensity model

Route has updated the traffic intensity model (TIM) that is central to the calculation of audience measurement for out of home advertising. Why is this important for advertisers? It means that Route’s audience information is based on more precise data, making the estimations more reflective of real-world behaviour. It helps to pull apart the data […]