OOH: look at that reach

A recent article published by Campaign, claims that TV’s weekly reach among 16-24s is unparalleled. It is almost true. It sits second to that of out of home advertising (OOH).

Data from BARB is used to show that television reaches 85% of 15-24s each week. An impressive level of cover. This statistic is then used to claim that television is the only medium able to offer this level of cover.

Route provides audience measurement for OOH advertising akin to that of BARB. This means that it’s possible to produce comparable data for the two media.

When placing the two data side by side we see the strength of out of home media. Taking a random sample of 40,000 OOH frames – equivalent to a little over 10% of the total inventory measured by Route – brands have scope to reach more than the figure quoted by BARB – 86% of 15-24s and 87% of all adults in GB.

In the chart below, we demonstrate how OOH cover among all adults and 15-24s increase in line with the campaign weight.

The 86% cover achieved by a 40,000 frame campaign, can be exceeded further using OOH by increasing the weight. For example, should an advertiser buy all the bus ads in Great Britain for a week, they will reach 88% of 15-24s. Taking all the roadside inventory, advertisers will hit 94% of 15-24s. And, should all OOH inventory in GB be taken for a week, advertising will be seen by 97% of 15-24s. While none of these situations are realistically likely to happen in the near future, the potential reach of OOH is clear.

In addition to building cover, we know that OOH works best when it sits alongside other media as it helps to amplify their strengths.


Recent research by Rapport points to TV and OOH being natural bedfellows. Using the IPA databank, Rapport demonstrate that adding OOH to the mix helps to increase the effectiveness of a TV campaign by 17%.

BARB data clearly demonstrates television’s ability to reach young audiences. Route data shows that OOH just pips it.

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