Out of home advertising – it’s got GB covered

New data from Route shows that 98% of people see out oh home advertising each week in  Great Britain. The data, which now features a new measure of spot level ratings for digital screens, enables users to calculate the reach and frequency for any/all of the 392,412 frames within the dataset.

This gives scope to investigate how different types of inventory perform. We see that posters reach 97% of the population each week and that digital screens are seen by 82% of the population each week. We can also see how this cover figure is affected by changing the spot schedule. For instance a 10 second spot campaign across all screens that appears every 60 seconds (on screen for 10, off for 50) would be seen by 52% of the population.

This new spot measure also has a significant effect on the impacts being delivered by a campaign. For more information on this, please see this piece on ‘Spots’.

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