Digital Out Of Home – 1bn Impacts Each Week

Digital out of home (DOOH) now offers more opportunities for advertisers to reach audiences than ever before, thanks to continued investment into digital screens.

New data from Route demonstrates that digital screens generate 36% more impacts than they did 12 months ago. This means that over 1 billion impacts are now seen through digital out of home  each week.

The 9,766 screens currently measured by Route are seen by two-thirds of the adult GB population each week (67%). To put this in a wider media context, that is a higher proportion than will listen to commercial radio (65% according to RAJAR Quarterly Listings – Q4 2018) and is also higher than the weekly audience of either ITV (44%) or Channel 4 (48%)  – according to BARB’s weekly viewing summary (8-14 April 2019).

More information can be seen in the slides here.

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