What does Route do?

Route produces audience estimates for out-of-home advertising in Britain. The data we publish tell subscribers how many and what type of people see an advertising campaign, and how often they do so. The information is used as the currency for planning, trading and valuing advertising investment in the medium.


As a Joint Industry Currency (JIC), Route is independent of any special interests. Its board of directors has an equal representation from the buyers and sellers of the medium. An action group considers the approach to the research methodology and its future direction.

Route is committed to a continuous programme of research and development to meet the evolving needs of the marketplace.

Ownership and funding

Route is a non-profit making organisation, run on commercial principles.

The trade associations for the buyers and sellers of the medium underwrite Route jointly. The IPAO represents the interests of the specialist poster agencies (or planners & buyers) working on behalf of advertisers. Outsmart represents the interests of the media owners (or sellers).

The underwriting agencies are Kinetic Worldwide, Mediacom Outdoor, PosterscopeRapport Worldwide and Talon Outdoor. The media owner guarantors are Clear Channel Outdoor, Exterion Media, JCDecaux and Primesight.

Route receives additional income from subscriptions to the service. See more about subscribing here

Joint industry currency quality assurance

Route is a Joint Industry Currency

The Joint Industry Currencies (JICs) are owned by the industry – advertisers, agencies and media owners – to provide transparent and objective audience measurement for each medium. These data are produced and sold at cost providing both industry accountability and a robust trading currency for each medium.