Summary of changes to Route data

Route launches improved audience measurement for OOH.

April 30th sees the introduction of a new Route, designed to enable the analysis of digital ‘spots’.  The new currency incorporates a series of developments which will improve the measurement of out of home advertising in Great Britain, for both posters and screens. There are fundamental changes to the definitions, algorithms and measures.
Below is a summary of the developments:

  1. A new means of calculating spot level audiences
  2. A change to the definition of realistic opportunity to see (ROTS)
  3. A different application of visibility adjustments so that they are more reflective of real life
  4. Facility to differentiate audiences based on variable spot durations, meaning campaigns are evaluated on the time spent on screen and the frequency with which they play out rather than simply a share of total time
  5. A monthly seasonal adjustment meaning that impacts better reflect human behaviour
  6. A new means of data modelling to facilitate more granular analysis and enable reporting on single screens or posters at 15-minute levels
  7. Adoption of a new 14-day benchmark reach algorithm in place of the previous 9-day version which better represents longer term behaviour
  8. Incorporation of multi-sensor tracking (MST) entry/exit data
  9. Addition of MST smoothing to improve data quality
  10. Introduction of a red/amber/green warning system to signal the statistical foundation of the analysis, where green is good, amber is cautionary and red is to be avoided

Further information on the changes affecting the data inputs (here), the algorithms and models used (here) and on the data outputs (here).

Owing to the nature of the changes to methodology and the calculations being applied, direct comparisons between the new Route audience measures and previous versions are not applicable.

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