Choose (Edinburgh) Life


After publishing the first of our “Eye On” analyses which takes a closer look at Edinburgh. I thought, what better way to lead it in than to borrow heavily from an Edinburgh classic…


Choose life.
Choose a parliament.
Choose Nicola, Ruth and Kezia
Choose Brexit and an Indyref2.
Choose a pure barry castle.
Choose Arthur’s Seat, Hollyrood
Greyfriars Bobby, and a tram system nobody wanted.
Choose Hearts and the Hibees
And dos for stags and hens.
Choose the Haymarket or Waverley,
Choose Sunshine on Leith.
Choose the meadows, the festival, the fringe and the tattoo.
Choose posh university students and new finance grads,
Choose high employment and part time jobs,
Choose RBS and Standard Life.
Choose the new town or the old town.
Choose a private rental in Wester Hailes or Sighthill,
Or an AirBnB in Stockbridge or Morningside.
Choose to sell your wares.
Choose your poster site,
Choose the airport, the buses, the taxis or roadside,
Choose to go digital,
And choose Route to measure it all.
Choose more impacts than Glasgow.
Choose more time outside than London.
And then… take a deep breath, knock back your single malt, block out the bagpipes, the tartan and the haggis
and choose Edinburgh.
Choose your future
Choose life

View the Eye On Edinburgh analysis here.

Watch the original Trainspotting intro here and the T2 version here, just beware, they are a little bit profane.
Headline image credit: via Flickr

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