Targeting where people spend their life, not where they live

Recent analysis of Route data has identified the extent to which the reach of regional campaigns extends outside the regions where the frames are clustered. This points towards one of the core strengths of out of home as an advertising vehicle. It can offer a ‘best of both worlds’ approach for brands providing both contextual geographic targeting while also acting as a broadcast media.

Below we outline the audience reached by a one week regional 500 frame campaign who live outside of the region where the frames are located. This shows that Scots are the most localised with only 10% of a campaign reach coming from outside of Scotland, whereas over a third of those reached by a campaign in the South East will come from outside the South East region – 24% will live in London.

This demonstrates the relative strength of OOH for in offering brand-safe contextual targeting. Route data shows that a 500 frame campaign based only in the South East region reaches not only people who live in the South East but also those from further afield, notably affluent Londoners which highlights that OOH ad targeting is not limited to where people live, but rather extends out to where people spend their life.

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