New Route data shows impacts per hour

Last week we published a new dataset in R36. This one reflects a fairly stable picture from that made live in June – we’re really just refreshing the inventory. As a result the topline data is fairly stable from where it stood.

You can find a summary market report on the new release at the link here.

The key findings remain:

• The medium still reaches 98% of the population each week (on the basis of typical travel habits)
• Digital inventory continues to grow – we now provide audiences for 11,509 screens
• Should all screens be running 10 second spots, with a 50 second break, then there would be 534.5m digital impacts each week
– This is the equivalent of: 884 impacts per second, or 795,413 per quarter hour.
• This is however still dwarfed by the poster equivalents, see the full data below…

Looking ahead to the next couple of releases we have a few developments being introduced to the currency. These are summarised below – but we’ll have more information about them in due course.

  • R37 – December 2020 – Seasonality upgrade to better reflect seasonal reach, introduction of new MST data to the currency to better reflect actual behaviour in internal environments, algorithm update to improve accuracy of spot campaign reach.
  • R38 – March 2021 – Refresh of annual sample, introduction of new Traffic Intensity Model and update of traffic counts.

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