Regional Household Spend & OOH Cover

We recently stumbled across a fascinating dataset from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which outlines weekly household spending composition across Great Britain split out by region (Household expenditure by countries and regions 2016). We’ve taken this data and blended it with Route’s out of home audience measurement data in order to identify areas of relatively high spend by category and the regional cover offered by different out of home advertising environments.

The interactive tool below enables you to interrogate and analyse the data for yourself to see how spend in different categories varies by region. We have also included the facility to filter the data by both categories of spend or by geographic region.

Note: The regional cover figures included in the data above are sourced from Route R24 (September 2017) and run on the basis of a 1-week campaign beginning in July. Regional cover represents the proportion of adults aged 15+ within the region who will have 1+ exposures to the advertising in a two week period.