New OOH audience data published

New data from Route show a stable picture in the delivery of audiences for the outdoor sector. Under typical conditions, 97% of the population will see out of home advertising every week. 84% of adults will see a digital screen in this time.

Route measures audiences for 11,324 digital screens, an increase of 1.3% from March. For screens, the total impacts each week has increased by 2.7% (15.1M). While it’s true that digital screens are increasingly dispersed across the country, they still tend to be clustered in the main conurbations – 54% of all digital impacts come from Greater London.

The oft cited decline in the availability of large format posters (48-sheets and bigger) fails to have any meaningful effect on the audience delivery. The data show that those still being used by advertisers reach 85% of the population each week.

At the same time, we continue to see a growth in the number of large screens and the audience they deliver. In the last quarter, the number of big screens measured by Route has increased by 9.5%. This has added over seven million impacts and means that each week, c.1M more people will see large digital screens than was the case just three months ago.

At an overall level, we see that digital screens playing 10-second spots in a 60-second loop will deliver advertisers an average of 19% higher impacts than the poster equivalent.

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